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You felt it so strong but

nothing's turned out how you wanted

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Name:Lyndis Nivali

Your name is LYNDIS NIVALI.

You are EIGHT SWEEPS OLD (almost NINE, as you remind EVERYONE) and on the lower end of the HEMOSPECTRUM. You're a RATHER WEAK TROLL, perhaps because you are a GROWTH-STUNTED RUNT. Among trolls, this is basically THE SMOOCH OF DEATH. Worse, despite being low on the HEMOSPECTRUM and thus genetically entitled to some PRETTY SWEET PSIONICS as a sort of BIOLOGICAL APOLOGY for your EXTREMELY LOW CASTE, said psionics are PRETTY MUCH CRAP and are really only good for helping you HIDE LIKE A BITCH. Thus, you specialize mostly in HIDING and STEALING SHIT, which is a survival necessity thanks to your WEAKASS LUSUS HAVING DIED when you were still a little wriggler; thus you have always had to LOOK OUT FOR YOURSELF. If you weren't so good at hiding from things like THE IMPERIAL DRONES, you'd probably have been CULLED SWEEPS AGO.

You're kind of a FOUL-MOUTHED LOUDLY OPINIONATED JACKASS, which totally hasn't been done before, anywhere. You also TALK TOUGH A LOT, which is kind of like a PURRBEAST FLUFFING UP ITS FUR TO APPEAR LARGER in that it's all a bluff and HONESTLY KIND OF PATHETIC. No one is allowed to call you LYNDIS because it's A PRETTY WUSSY NAME as far as you're concerned, so you make everyone call you LYN. This is NOT ACTUALLY THE SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT you try to convince yourself it is.

Your VARIETY OF INTERESTS pretty much boil down to NOT DYING and stealing ALL THE THINGS. All of them. But you do enjoy CLIMBING and being GENERALLY ACROBATIC, and keep pretty up to date on TROLL POP CULTURE using a husktop you STOLE FROM SOMEBODY. In particular, you spend most of the free time you have NOT BEING A PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF TROLL SOCIETY finding, playing, and arguing in forums about VIDEO GAMES. You may also have a STRANGE AND INEXPLICABLE thing for ARTISTICALLY FOLDING PAPER as a way to keep your twitchy hands busy, but YOU REALLY DON'T TELL ANYONE ABOUT THAT.

You like to talk to people, or more specifically ARGUE WITH PEOPLE. You've NEVER SPOKEN TO ANOTHER TROLL face-to-face before, though you expect that to change soon, and you learned all your social skills from TROLLING TROLL GAMING FORUMS. This might explain why you are SO COMPLETELY TERRIBLE AT SOCIAL SKILLS.

Your trolltag is artfulTransgressor and your speech is usually as hassled and nerVous as you yourself usually are
since you dont use punctuation
you also tend to separate thoughts with line breaks
like a lot
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